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Rose didn’t take advantage of Teague, who had 10 points of his own and five assists and just one turnover.

“I don’t know how much talking the coaches did to him, but I know I was in his (ear), letting him know how important this moment was and how he had to seize it,” Josh Smith said. “If he had to get on anybody, police anybody, do it. We’ll respect what he’s saying because he’s the floor general.”

Joe Johnson scored 34, hitting all five 3-point attempts. Jamal Crawford poured in 22 and the Hawks made 40 of 78 shots against one of the league’s stingiest defenses.

They also outrebounded Chicago 38-37 and outhustled the Bulls for loose balls. Put simply, they looked like a team that belonged and not one that came in with an 0-15 second-round streak.

“We’ve gotten to the second round in the past and pretty much gotten embarrassed,” Johnson said. “It was sense of pride and a sense of urgency that we had last night. We’re going to continue to try to play with the energy and intensity we had in Game One, we’re going to bring it to Game Two.”

They’re also bracing for more from Rose.

“I’m sure he’s going to come out with a lot more aggression,” Johnson said. “We’re going to be prepared for it, we’re going to try to do whatever it takes to just kind of slow down. It’s going to be tough.”