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Like the first two, this game fell into the shoulda, coulda, woulda category for the Capitals. They had two leads and couldn’t protect them, and now they’re only 60 minutes from elimination — by a team they went 4-1-1 against in the regular season.

(The Lightning are hardly unbeatable at home, either, not that that matters much anymore. In the first round, they lost Games 3 and 4 to the Pittsburgh Penguins here.)

And so we move on to the second half of this brutal back-to-back — which, in the Caps’ case, is looking more and more like a back-to-Washington-to-say-our-goodbyes. Bruce Boudreau doesn’t have many more cards to play, and a goalie change seems about as gratuitous now as it did before Game 3. But a coach has to do something to try to break the cycle, doesn’t he?