- - Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hoyer: GOP lawmakers not being adults on vote

The No. 2 House Democrat chastised the chamber’s controlling Republicans for scheduling a “charade” vote Tuesday on raising the nation’s debt ceiling and advised his party colleagues not to support it.

“It will not be an adult moment on the floor of the House of Representatives, which is of course what [House Speaker John A.] Boehner said it would be when we considered the debt limit extension,” said House Whip Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland during his weekly briefing with reporters Tuesday.

“To put something on the floor for the purpose of seeing it fail, particularly putting on the floor a bill of this consequence without any opportunity to debate in any significant way, or to amend in any way, is demonstration of the fact that this is simply a political charade.”

Mr. Hoyer said he doesn’t advise his Democratic colleagues to support the GOP measure and “subject themselves to being politically gained.”

“If Republicans were prepared to work on a bipartisan basis on this issue … then I would be prepared to urge at least half of my members to support the extension of the debt limit, including myself,” he said. “But my advice to them is not to play this political charade.”


Romney labels Obama ‘ineffective president’

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is calling President Obama “one of the most ineffective presidents” he’s ever seen, and says he can beat him next year.

Mr. Romney tells NBC in an interview that while Mr. Obama wasn’t responsible for the recession he inherited, “he made things worse. He’s failed.”

Mr. Romney also says he thinks Obama lacks “a cogent assessment” of world affairs. The Republican charges, “The Arab Spring came, one of the greatest opportunities we’ve seen in decades, and we’ve been flatfooted.”

Mr. Romney, who plans to formally get into the GOP presidential race later this week, says he doesn’t think his Mormon faith will be an obstacle to winning his party’s nomination, saying “we’re not electing a pastor in chief, we’re electing a commander in chief.”


Lawmaker hires lawyer after online lewd photo

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