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Look out. They’re gettin’ serious, now. Keith Olbermann apparently does not intend to launch a small-time news show on Current TV, the news channel founded by Al Gore. Indeed, “Countdown with Keith Olbermann” debuts on its new network in 19 days, airing live “from Studio 33” at 8 p.m., opposite Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly on the “O’Reilly Factor,” CNN’s Eliot Spitzer on “In the Arena” and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell on “The Last Word.”

Among others, Mr. Olbermann will be joined by contributors Michael Moore and Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas, and “10 more to be revealed in the coming weeks.” A trio of CNN veterans have been hired to launch the show, along with MSNBC veteran David Sarosi, appointed as executive producer.

“For most of its last five years, he produced the old shows two most essential segments - the program ‘open’ with its signature question ‘Which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow?’ and ‘Worst Persons in the World.’ ” Mr. Olbermann observes, adding that his career trajectory has included programming he considers “eight start-ups or just-starteds.”


Uh-oh. What with Weinergate and all, the American Society of News Editors pines to control the tweeting, blogging, Facebooking hordes of journalists who can be at their best or worst when running rampant online. The organization, which represents the nation’s newspapers and journalism schools, has issued a “best practices” guide for press use of social media.

The group’s 10 edicts: “Traditional ethics rules still apply online. Assume everything you write online will become public. Use social media to engage with readers, but professionally. Break news on your website, not on Twitter. Beware of perceptions. Independently authenticate anything found on a social networking site. Always identify yourself as a journalist. Social networks are tools not toys. Be transparent and admit when youre wrong online. Keep internal deliberations confidential.”


c 54 percent of Americans approved of the way President Obama is handling his job as president.

c 27 percent of Republicans, 27 percent of conservatives and 17 percent of tea party supporters agree.

c 47 percent of independents, 66 percent of moderates, 85 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of liberals agree.

c 41 percent of Americans overall approve of the way Mr. Obama is handling the nation’s economy.

c 20 percent of Republicans, 18 percent of conservatives and 11 percent of tea party supporters agree.

c 35 percent of independents, 54 percent of moderates, 67 percent of Democrats and 62 percent of liberals agree.

Source: A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll of 1.007 adults conducted May 24 to 26.

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