- - Sunday, May 8, 2011


Hearing set on Palin stalking

ANCHORAGE | A court magistrate is set to consider a request by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to extend a restraining order against a 19-year-old Pennsylvania man accused of stalking her.

At Monday’s hearing, a magistrate in Anchorage will consider extending the order against Shawn Christy of McAdoo by six months.

Mrs. Palin, her father, Chuck Heath, and her friend Kristan Cole also have been seeking long-term protective orders against Mr. Christy’s parents, Craig and Karen Christy.

Craig Christy is accused of barraging Mrs. Palin’s parents with harassing telephone messages, including 26 in one day, and contacting Ms. Cole’s children on Facebook. Ms. Cole’s request for a protective order against Karen Christy was denied last month.


Shuttle launch faces another delay

CAPE CANAVERAL | The next-to-last space shuttle flight has been delayed again, this time to at least the middle of May for extra electrical tests.

Mission managers decided Friday that Endeavour would blast off no earlier than May 16.

The space station delivery mission led by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ astronaut husband has been on hold for a week. A heater malfunction halted the countdown April 29, and the trouble was traced to a switch box in Endeavour’s engine compartment. The box was removed, and this week engineers discovered a blown circuit inside.

NASA spokeswoman Candrea Thomas said testing will be conducted throughout the weekend to find out whether the circuitry problem was in the old box or somewhere in the external wiring that’s still in the shuttle. A new unit was installed Wednesday.


Korean study suggests autism underdiagnosed

CHICAGO | A study in South Korea suggests about one in 38 children have traits of autism, higher than a previous U.S. estimate of one in 100.

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