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Unfazed, Lack invited the Christys to file a complaint with the presiding judge.

After the hearing, Tiemessen said the Christys have made it clear that “absent an order like this,” they would not stop contacting the Palins or those close to them.

“As they’re repeatedly said, ‘Why haven’t you told us to stop?’ Well, today, I think in pretty clear language, the court told them to stop,” Tiemessen said.

In a telephone interview later Monday, Karen Christy told The Associated Press her “biggest amazement” is that her son has not contacted any of the petitioners since the first restraining order was issued. She also said that if her family was perceived as such a threat, why were Heath and Cole no-shows?

Still, her family plans to steer clear of Palin and her circle.

“We’re not going to contact those people anymore,” she said.