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But being nice isn’t what keeps the paychecks coming in.

“At the same, he can be the tough guy on the ice, and he does what other people are scared of doing or don’t want to do,” Hiller said. “He’s there for the team, and he does everything for the team. That’s the kind of player a team needs, and he’s 100 percent a team player.”

It doesn’t hurt that Parros also owns a Stanley Cup ring from that 2007 run. Gone are guys like captain Scott Niedermayer, Chris Pronger, Andy McDonald, Todd Marchant and goaltender Jean-Sebastien Giguere, but Parros is still with the Ducks.

And his words carry weight.

“Anytime you have guys that have won, they obviously know what it takes to go through the battle,” defenseman Sheldon Brookbank said. “He’s been through that. He knows what it’s all about.”

But, Brookbank said, Parros doesn’t like to puff out his chest and talk about his accomplishment — being an enforcer who has made a career out of fighting and contributing to the locker room climate while piling up 16 goals and 14 assists in 377 career games.

Of course Selanne — who has 640 NHL goals — is sure that Parros could score more if his focus was on that, given the tough guy’s success in summer games.

“I hope so,” Parros said. “I’d need probably more ice time than a few minutes a night, but I’ve done it before at other levels, so I think I could.”

The Ducks haven’t needed that out of Parros, and they won’t. They just need him to continue being the same guy amid a talented roster with offensive-minded young stars like Perry, Ryan Getzlaf and Bobby Ryan.

“He’s undercover kind of one of the faces of our franchise that when you think of the Ducks, you think of some of the big stars,” Brookbank said. “But you think of Parros right in there, too.”

Fortunately for Parros, it’s a very recognizable face. And fortunately for the Ducks, he’s much more than just a mustache.