- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Just where in the U.S. Constitution does President Obama, who used to teach constitutional law, find any provision that allows him to do an end run around Congress and establish a new housing bailout program on the strength of his executive powers (“Obama offers mortgage relief to Americans,” Web, Oct. 24)?

Once again, one must wonder what concept the president has of executive powers. Or is it just that he fancies himself a politician empowered to take any action at all if he thinks it’s a good idea?

The lines that William Shakespeare put in the mouth of Cassius, one of the conspirators who would shortly assassinate Julius Caesar, come to mind. Bewailing Caesar’s assumption of more power than the Roman Republic had given him, Cassius asks: “Upon what meat does this our Caesar feed, that he has grown so great?”

As with Caesar, the “greatness” in today’s White House is in the aggrandizement of power, not achievement.

Have we still a court with the courage to say “no”?





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