- - Sunday, November 13, 2011


Cain: God told him to run for president

ATLANTA — Republican Herman Cain credits God with telling him that he needed to run for president.

The businessman-turned-candidate spoke about his religious beliefs Saturday during a speech to young Republicans in Atlanta.

Mr. Cain said he finally realized after much praying that God was saying that he needed to enter the presidential race. He compared his situation to Moses, who in the Bible initially questions whether God has chosen the right person to lead the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt.

Mr. Cain said that once he made the decision to run, he has not looked back.

Religious conservatives are a major voting bloc in Republican primaries, especially in the Deep South.


O'Malley: GOP candidates pander to tea party

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley says Republican presidential candidates are pandering to what he calls GOP extremists such as those affiliated with the tea party.

The chairman of the Democratic Governors Association made the comments Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Asked about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s statement in Saturday’s debate that he would zero out foreign aid, Mr. O'Malley said the debates have featured numerous erratic statements by candidates pandering to GOP extremists. Mr. O'Malley said the statement was the latest in a series that lacked practical sense. He also criticized GOP candidates for not offering new ideas on improving the economy and putting people back to work.

Mr. O'Malley appeared on the Sunday news program with two Republicans, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour and Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Both mostly defended Mr. Perry and the GOP field.


Wife says Herman Cain ‘totally respects women’

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