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Murray, taking advantage of Felix Jones’ absence, has had games of 253, 139 and 135 yards in recent weeks and is averaging a ridiculous 6.7 yards a carry. Robinson, standing in for Miles Austin, had a pair of touchdown grabs in the first half against the Bills and has four scores in the past three games. And where exactly did these guys come from? Well, Murray is a third-round pick out of Oklahoma, and Robinson was signed by the Cowboys in September after San Diego cut him in training camp.

In other words, anybody could have had them. The point is, all teams have injuries. But all teams aren’t affected by them the way the Redskins are. Some teams are able to plug in backups and keep their season alive. Until Shanahan builds that kind of depth - and don’t hold your breath on this one - the Redskins will remain an accident waiting to happen.