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The design of the store is open, and there’s no front window display. Instead, Ms. Yamamoto said, the store is the display, including the banks of LCD monitors lining the walls, showing off various products.

Ms. Yamamoto said her greatest surprise was the number of small-business owners coming into the stores, so the new location has an area dedicated to those customers.

Will the new Microsoft Store pose a threat to the nearby Apple retail location? Probably not, says Rob Enderle, principal analyst of the Enderle Group in San Jose, Calif.

“One of the problems in comparing Apple and Microsoft is that Apple has traditionally been able to provide a more consistently good experience as a result of having a closer relationship with customers through their stores,” Mr. Enderle said in an email.

Rather, having both outlets nearby “appears to have been very successful, but they haven’t appeared to hurt Apple sales in stores; instead, they appear to draw more people to the location, and both vendors have benefited.”