NHL GMs discuss goaltender safety

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Also on the agenda was a brief update on realignment, but that hot-button issue won’t be sorted out until the board of governors meeting in California next month.

In the meantime, players have been warned that goalies are essentially being given the same latitude as a quarterback in the NFL. Essentially, they aren’t to be touched.

“This is the first time this has happened in a while, where a goalie has kind of got run over outside the crease,” Penguins GM Ray Shero said. “Usually it’s in and around the crease, or playing the puck, and there’s incidental contact. I think guys are looking at it saying ‘Geez, OK, if we let this go on what are we doing?’”

And even though change is coming too late for Regier and the Sabres, he still thinks it’s a positive step that it came at all. He’ll feel better knowing that Miller should be better protected when he returns to action.

“It’s not just my feelings, it’s the feelings of my counterparts,” Regier said. “When you look at the position of goaltending _ they were never taught how to check, they were never taught how to take a check, they’re not equipped to do either.

“On any given night on the rosters … you’ve got 360 forwards in the league, you’ve got 180 defensemen and you have 60 goaltenders of which on a given night only 30 are playing. It’s significant that we take this seriously.”

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