- - Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Island poised to surpass homicide record

SAN JUAN — Puerto Rico is having its deadliest year on record, as authorities struggle to control a rampant drug war in the U.S. Caribbean territory.

Police said Wednesday that three people died overnight in separate incidents, raising the year’s homicide toll to 995 on the island of 4 million people. That matches a 1994 record with six weeks left to go in the year.

Local authorities say 70 percent of the killings are drug related.

Both the unemployment and homicide rates in Puerto Rico are higher than in any U.S. state.


Political prisoners to be moved closer to families

YANGON — Myanmar began transferring some political prisoners from remote jails to facilities closer to their families Wednesday, according to a security official, but there was no sign when others might be freed.

News of the transfer was received warily by family and associates of prisoners, who feared it might take the place of a broader release, which had been anticipated this week.


Spies foiled Libyan plot to kill Westerners

LONDON — British intelligence agencies have helped disrupt a plan to kill Western representatives in Libya and attack the country’s interim leaders, Foreign Secretary William Hague said Wednesday.

In a rare speech on Britain’s intelligence efforts, Mr. Hague also confirmed for the first time that agents from the MI6 foreign intelligence agency have died in recent years protecting the country.

Mr. Hague revealed that Britain’s role in the NATO-led intervention in Libya was “backed by effective intelligence” that “saved lives.”

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