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Then you take into account how the Redskins had to abandon the run in four of their last five games because they fell behind by two or more scores, and there is no easy fix.

“I think it’s collective, man,” Hightower said. “It just doesn’t look like it’s on sync as a whole. Whether it’s the backs, whether it’s the line, whether it’s the opportunities in the game, it just doesn’t look like the opportunities are meeting up. It’s frustrating to watch.”

Shanahan would agree. He’s more accustomed to overseeing elite rushing attacks. During each of his two championship seasons, the Broncos ranked second in the league in yards per carry.

Believe him, then, when he insists fixing the running game will be a top priority moving forward.

“We will get that running game back, I promise you,” he said. “I’ve been doing it over 20 years, and that’s our trademark.

“Once we get it rolling and get the depth that we want, I think consistently we’ll be good every year.”