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Jennifer Sey, the 1986 U.S. all-around champion and author of the book “Chalked Up,” told the newspaper: “It’s my belief that [sexual abuse] over-indexes in gymnastics compared to the general public, just like the Catholic Church. I’d like USA Gymnastics to overtly say they put the athlete first, but they don’t put the athlete first.”

Officials at USA Gymnastics, The Citadel, the Boston Red Sox and Penn State might have had their priorities straight if an alleged victim was their young son or daughter, young niece or nephew, or another young person they care about regardless of relation.

They’re reflecting on that now.

It’s too late to help past victims. But it’d be a shame if these stories don’t stop future enablers from assisting in the creation of subsequent victims.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can think about having some discussions with the youngsters in our lives.