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The NCAA in the letter asked Penn State to respond to various questions, including:

_ How did Penn State exercise “institutional control over the issues identified in and related” to the grand jury report? Did the school have procedures in place that were, or were not, followed?

_ The NCAA also wants to know if “each of the alleged persons to have been involved or have notice of the issues identified in and related” to the grand jury report behaved according to the school’s policies on honesty and ethical conduct.

_ The NCAA also asked Penn State to explain its policies and procedures that are “in place to monitor, prevent and detect the issues identified in and related to the Grand Jury Report.”

Paterno, Division I’s winningest coach with 409 victories, was fired by university trustees Nov. 9, the same night then-president Graham Spanier also left his job under pressure. School leaders faced mounting criticism that more should have done to prevent the alleged abuse.

Emmert in his letter cited an NCAA bylaw that says coaches or athletic staffers must “do more than avoid improper conduct or questionable acts. Their own moral values must be so certain and positive that those younger … will be influenced by a fine example. Much more is expected of them than of the less critically placed citizen.”


AP Sports Writer Mike Marot in Indianapolis contributed to this story.