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Mahon said that has not been a subject of discussion.

“We don’t have the identities of victims, other than maybe some of them going to the press,” he said.

Lawyers had different theories regarding whether to file a lawsuit immediately, or after criminal charges have been resolved. Some say delays never helps plaintiffs, but others believe details that emerge from the criminal cases will strengthen their hand. Publicity now, of course may also generate additional clients.

So many facts remain unknown that it is difficult to say how much a legitimate claim of sexual abuse against a child might be worth in the eyes of a jury, and the grand jury report showed a vast range of alleged actions by Sandusky, from apparent sexual overtures to an eye-witnessed attack in the team’s locker room showers.

“I know whatever number ends up being on it, it’s going to be a very, very large number,” said Williams, the Philadelphia plaintiffs’ lawyer. “Because of the nature of the liability, the nature of the cases, and the nature of the damages.”


Scolforo reported from Harrisburg. Maryclaire Dale in Philadelphia contributed to this report.