Blizzard of ‘no’ in Colorado kills tax hikes for schools

Election bodes ill for Democrats

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“It’s clear the people of this state aren’t ready right now to tax themselves to solve this problem,” Mr. Heath said. “But I hope the people of this state will come together and say, ‘We need to make some changes. We need to find a way to finance our education in a different way.’ “

Proposition 103 had some advantages: The campaign raised more than $600,000, 10 times the amount collected by the opposition. The measure also had the backing of the state’s influential teachers unions.

But it failed to win the support of big-name Democrats such as Gov. John Hickenlooper, who refused to endorse or oppose the measure. Meanwhile, Republicans were uniformly hostile to the proposal.

“I think the results confirm that concern about spending and debt that framed last year’s general election has now been joined with a terrible economy, and that double hit crunched almost every tax proposal in Colorado,” Mr. Ciruli said. “For 2012, it says that among core voters, they’re still very conservative on spending and very worried about the economy.”

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