- The Washington Times - Wednesday, November 2, 2011


To any and all “occupiers” and their supporters, I have some advice: Do you want to create a new utopia? Fine, go right ahead; there’s plenty of open land available where you can create that utopia you think is waiting. Don’t try to do it in our public spaces - areas that belong to us capitalists who created them.

This is our version of utopia. We built it from scratch, and you’re welcome to share it. So join it or leave it - it’s a simple choice. Don’t demand we change it for you. Why should we? We, not you, made it.

It’s a big country with room for everyone, and no one minds if the occupiers go out and create their own utopia. They just shouldn’t be surprised when they discover - just as did the hippies of the previous generation who abandoned their communes and returned to capitalism - that the utopia they think is waiting for them isn’t real, that it’s nothing more than a dream - one that will never be fulfilled. Then they will come back and join the rest of us.





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