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Perez said she has been in contact with the NCAA throughout its Miami investigation, adding she was told the probe has been slowed by the scandal at Penn State _ Golden’s alma mater _ in recent weeks.

“And in my view, that one is more significant,” Perez said.

The decision means many members of the school’s heralded signing class of 2008, including Harris and linebacker Sean Spence, will leave the program without a postseason victory.

It may also add to speculation that Golden, who has said he was unaware of the looming scandal when he was hired by Miami last December, may look to leave the Hurricanes after this season.

“I don’t have any decisions to make,” Golden said. “I’m just coaching the Miami Hurricanes and getting the team ready to go against Boston College and moving the program forward, as I’ve said a million times. We really enjoy living here, my family and I. I know just from speaking with the staff, they’re enjoying it. And we have a great group of young kids.”

Miami student body president Brandon Mitchell told the AP that the move is disappointing, but understandable.

“Obviously the team, students, and fans are disappointed _ myself included,” Mitchell said. “But it’s the best step for the university moving forward. The students will always support the team, bowl game or no bowl game.”

Golden said he plans on adding about 30 recruits before next season.

He met with Miami’s seniors after Eichorst addressed the team Sunday, and emerged from that meeting convinced the Hurricanes will be ready for Friday’s finale.

“Anybody would be disappointed and saddened,” Golden said. “But I really think that our seniors are going to take the approach that they can take this game, but they’re not going to take our spirit, they’re not going to take our unity and they’re not going to take our toughness. I think our guys are going to look at this as an opportunity to show the country our unity, our character and how much we’ve changed.”


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