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The building was evacuated, and no shots were fired and no one was injured, said Schriever Air Force Base spokeswoman Jennifer Thibault.

A negotiator and a SWAT team from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department were on scene at the Air Force’s request, said Air Force Lt. Marie Denson.

Miss Thibault said the airman is a member of a security squadron and is armed with his own handgun. Officials were investigating how he got the weapon past security and onto the base.


Ruling that Cook Inlet belugas are endangered upheld

ANCHORAGE — Alaska’s Cook Inlet beluga whales were correctly listed as endangered, a federal judge ruled Monday, rejecting a state lawsuit that claimed the listing will hurt economic development.

Judge Royce C. Lambeth of U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., said the National Marine Fisheries Service properly followed requirements of the Endangered Species Act and used the best science available in making its determination.

Cook Inlet beluga whales did not bounce back after a decade, despite a ban on subsistence hunting blamed for depleting their numbers, he said.

Sharon Leighow, a spokeswoman for Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell, had no comment on the decision but said the Department of Law would prepare a response.


Ban on owning exotic animals proposed

COLUMBUS — A study group on Monday proposed that Ohio ban new ownership of venomous snakes, monkeys, tigers and other dangerous animals with only limited exceptions and give state officials’ the authority to take from private property any wildlife that’s being kept illegally.

The group has held expedited meetings in private since last month, when police were forced to kill 48 wild animals, including endangered Bengal tigers, after their owner freed them from his Zanesville farm and then committed suicide.

A summary of the group’s input and state agencies’ recommendations for new regulations was obtained Monday by the Associated Press after the panel’s final meeting.

The working group’s recommendations for updating the state’s laws are due to the governor by Nov. 30. Its finalized report will be sent next week.

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