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“That’s a huge play in the game,” Urlacher said. “Probably a 10-point swing right there, with him making that play. I wish he wouldn’t have made it, I’ll tell you that much. I’d take it back right now, let the guy score, because we still got the lead. It was 31-27 if he scores. It was a great play by him to keep him out of the end zone and the effort he made on the play, but like I said, we’d trade it for a touchdown right now.”

Instead, they’re turning to Hanie and looking to bring in someone with more experience.

No word on Brett Favre and for what it’s worth, Kurt Warner isn’t available.

The quarterback for Mike Martz’s “Greatest Show On Turf” in St. Louis made it clear with this post on Twitter he’s not coming out of retirement: “I am bummed 4 (at)JayCutler6 ! Been there 2 many times & he was playing great fball! Yes, I know & luv offense but NO I am NOT unretiring!”

This isn’t completely new territory for the Bears.

Rex Grossman missed most of the year in 2005 after breaking an ankle in the preseason, forcing Chicago to go with rookie Kyle Orton, a fourth-round draft pick out of Purdue. The Bears ran a simplified offense and went 10-5 with him as their starter thanks to a dominant defense and a solid running game. They won the NFC North at 11-5 and ultimately fell to Carolina in the playoffs.

Losing Cutler is different, though. He has been throwing well and his line has kept him upright during their winning streak.

One bright spot for the Bears: They are in a relatively weak part of the schedule.

Winning at Oakland won’t be easy, and they still have to visit Green Bay on Dec. 25. The other games are at home against Kansas City on Dec. 4, at Denver the following week, at home against Seattle on Dec.18 and the finale at Minnesota.

“It’s kind of one of those things that’s tough to deal with, when you lose a guy like Jay who’s been playing really well, and a leader on the team,” linebacker Nick Roach said. “But it’s kind of one of those things that happen in football every week. Somebody loses a big part of their team, and that’s why you have other guys on the roster who can play.”