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“I hope I’ll change for the better, because I never won a world championship,” he said. “I’ve had bad experiences that I hope I’ve learned from, and I’ve had good experiences that I hope I learned from.”

Cherington said Valentine, who has been working as an analyst for ESPN, needed to show that he had changed.

“He’s had really good experiences. He’s been to the top,” Cherington said. “And he’s had other experiences that haven’t gone as well. But no one who’s managed in the big leagues … has had all good experiences. That’s how the game works.

“Tito (Francona) hadn’t had all good experiences before he got to Boston. He worked out really well,” Cherington said.

Valentine said he talked to two of his mentors, New Jersey Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello and longtime Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda.

“They’d disown me if I didn’t give this my best shot,” Valentine said.

And, if he gets the job: “I would feel like it is Christmas.”

“It’s really kind of cool that I’m sitting here,” he said.