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It really won’t be much of a family gathering. Jim and the 49ers will head back to the West Coast after the game, and John isn’t even sure if their parents, Jack and Jackie, will watch the game at the stadium.

“They’re talking about coming pregame and being out there on the field and then sneaking away and watching it on TV,” John said. “I think they’re kind of torn and conflicted about that.”

The similarity of the brothers was evident by their answers to identical questions. Asked if the Harbaughs are the first family of football, John answered: “I would never even go there.”

Jim responded: “I don’t have an opinion on that.”

The inevitable comparison between the brothers veered way off target when a reporter asked John: Is Jim cockier than you are?

The answer: “That’s the most ridiculous question I’ve ever heard.”

During John’s conference call, the topic drifted briefly to football when someone wondered whether standout linebacker Ray Lewis would be available Thursday after missing Sunday’s win over Cincinnati with a toe injury.

John had no desire to give his brother _ or anyone _ a clue about the status of the team’s defensive leader.

“Is that something I really want to share right now?” he said. “Would there be any value in doing that?”