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Mr. Daughtry’s voice is the highlight, of course. As far as rock singers go, he’s a rare breed, blessed with the usual tricks of the trade - a powerful belt, gritty tone and wide range, as well as an unforced vibrato and fine, understated falsetto. “Break the Spell” is a guitar record, but it’s also a vocal showcase, with songs like “Who’s They” displaying the full scope of Mr. Daughtry’s chops.

While this sort of blue-collar modern rock isn’t for everyone, “Break the Spell” has wider appeal than one might expect, particularly during its lighter moments.

“Music industry goes on vocal rest”

Adele won big at the American Music Awards on Sunday night, but the neo-soul singer wasn’t around to pick up her trophies in person. The reason? Like Keith Urban, John Mayer and Paul Stanley, Adele underwent throat surgery this fall, resulting in a period of doctor-mandated “vocal rest” while her vocal cords heal.

Medical advancements have made throat surgery a relatively common procedure. Still, with more and more singers opting to go under the knife, it seems like we may be demanding too much of our entertainers.

Take a breather, guys! Enjoy your holidays.