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Earlier on the trip, Mr. McDonnell said that, in a way, the United States has been a victim of its own success, referring to the high wages and standard of living.

“There is a tendency for major corporations to go to places with lower interest rates,” he said. “Many of us governors have been talking about working with Congress and finding repatriation strategies, taking businesses and bringing them back to Virginia. What I see happening is that long-term [in] India and China, their standard of living will go up … and the playing field will begin to level.”

To that end, Rep. Frank R. Wolf, Virginia Republican, recently announced legislation that passed Congress requiring the Commerce Department to set up a task force to examine what needs to be done to encourage U.S. companies to return manufacturing and research and development activities back to the United States.

The department also has to set up a list of “best practices” for states and communities to follow to help reverse the trend of outsourcing.

“Not enough has been done to bring jobs back home,” Mr. Wolf said. “Now we are going to have a plan.”