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“It was a desire to get things moving. It was not a competition,” he said of the two suits. “This was not anything in which people were going different directions.”

The courts would have consolidated the suits anyway, so doing it now saves time. And with the first month and a half of the season already canceled, time is of the essence.

Boies repeated that the players’ side would prefer to reach a settlement instead of taking the litigation to its conclusion. But there was no indication that either side would be contacting the other anytime soon.

“In the face of somebody saying, `I don’t want to talk to you. We’ve got an offer _ take it or leave it. This is an ultimatum. We’re going to make no more proposals,’ and somebody saying, `This is baseless; it ought to go away,’” Boies said, “that’s a waste of time to make a telephone call.”


AP Sports Writer Jon Krawczynski in Minneapolis contributed to this report.


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