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It continued an emotional boost that began the night before. Young cited speakers who exuded confidence and stressed cohesion.

“Just let it go and play for yourselves now,” he recalled. “Play together, but know that the person next to you is going to be playing hard, so you don’t want to let that person down.”

Whether the message’s effect lasts into this Sunday’s game at Seattle and beyond is unknown. For now, at least, the tone inside team headquarters has changed.

A week ago, Cofield openly discussed the possibility of the season becoming “historically ugly.”

“As depressed as I was last week, I’m optimistic this week out of some of the things that we did,” he said. “Offensively, we played great, in my opinion. They gave us a chance to win. Defensively, I know we’ve got the guys that will respond, and we won’t let those guys down next week.”