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“It just felt like such an intrusion into a really, really private grief moment,” Mrs. Dowler said. The couple said they later realized that their own phone, as well as their daughter’s, had been hacked.

More than a dozen News of the World journalists and editors have been arrested and several senior Murdoch executives have resigned because of the still-evolving scandal. Two top London police officers also lost their jobs, along with Mr. Cameron’s media adviser.

Later this week, the inquiry will hear from Ms. Rowling, the renowned author of the “Harry Potter” books; comedian Steve Coogan; Miss Miller. and former Formula One racing boss Max Mosley - whose taste for sadomasochism was revealed in a widely publicized News of the World sting.

It’s a courtroom lineup that Britain’s celebrity-obsessed tabloids would love, if only they weren’t the ones in the dock.

AP writer Raphael G. Satter contributed to this report.