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Extra points

• Left tackle Trent Williams on Sunday suffered a Grade 1 strain of the MCL in his left knee, the least severe classification. Whether he can practice this week will be evaluated Wednesday, Shanahan said.

• Receiver Santana Moss will attempt to practice Wednesday. He has not played since fracturing his left hand Oct. 23.

“It ain’t fun watching us lose, but at the end of the day it’s something we’re going through,” Moss said. “Even not being out there being a part of it still hurts. That’s why I’m taking care of my business, so I can get back out there and help these guys.”

• Cornerback Josh Wilson suffered a minor hamstring strain against Dallas. His availability for practice will be evaluated Wednesday.

Shanahan applauded the competitiveness cornerback DeAngelo Hall demonstrated with his harsh self-criticism after Sunday’s loss.

“I don’t like people to get down on themselves, but at the same time, I like people to be tough on themselves,” Shanahan said. “I’ve got a lot of belief in DeAngelo that he’ll come back and play extremely hard and take advantage of his opportunities the next time he’s on the field.”