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The campaign did not name the donor whose Scottish wedding Mr. Andrews attended.

The expenses that Mr. Andrews said were campaign-related will be repaid from his personal funds and then that money donated to a group dedicated to helping local homeless veterans. The expenses were first reported by the Star-Ledger newspaper of Newark.


Security adviser defends U.S. handling of Iran

National Security Adviser Tom Donilon said Tuesday that Iran has been weakened under the Obama administration, rebutting Republicans and other critics who have called the White House policy on Iran ineffective.

Mr. Donilon’s remarks at the Brookings Institution came just hours before a scheduled foreign-policy debate by GOP presidential hopefuls, several of whom have called for a tougher line against Iran. The White House said that the timing was coincidental.

Mr. Donilon told experts at the Brookings Institution that when President Obama took office in January 2009, Iran seemed to many in the region to be “ascendant,” its regime faced no significant challenge at home and the international community was divided over how to deal with Tehran’s nuclear program.

He said that after Iran rejected U.S. overtures for dialogue, the administration ramped up sanctions, sought to isolate Tehran diplomatically, thwarted Iran’s efforts to “meddle” in its neighbors’ affairs and strengthened military cooperation with Persian Gulf states. “We have steadily increased the pressure on the Iranian regime and raised the cost of their intransigence,” he said.

Mr. Donilon said the administration’s international sanctions, internal divisions and the revolts of the Arab Spring have reduced Iran’s influence in the Middle East and beyond.


President to hold third American Indian conference

President Obama will address American Indian leaders Dec. 2 as they gather for a White House-sponsored tribal nations conference at the Interior Department. It will be Mr. Obama’s third conference with American Indians. Mr. Obama first met with tribal leaders in November of 2009.

The White House says Mr. Obama has made a commitment to strengthen government relations with American Indians. The conference will give leaders of the 565 federally recognized tribes an opportunity to interact directly with Mr. Obama and with top administration officials.

The 2009 event was the first meeting of its kind in 15 years.

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