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And perhaps consider linking your faith group’s program to your child’s school to help students meet their community-service requirements prior to graduation. Oftentimes, teens wait until their senior year before giving any thought to community service. (And having younger children pledge their faith to curb hunger wouldn’t hurt either.)

We’ve all seen and read the stories of emaciated children in far-off lands who go to bed and awaken each day without a crumb to swallow or healthy meal to eat. And we’re familiar with the news that American youngsters are growing increasingly obese.

Both reflect a picture of poor eating habits.

So take a moment before breaking bread with family and friends on this day. As you bow your head to give thanks for the large or small bounty that you and your loved ones have been blessed with, remember that fighting hunger is as much a Christian value as a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving is an American tradition.

Today is but one day to honor both and push politics off the front burners.

As I like to say, Thanksgiving Day is for faith, family, food and football.

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving.

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