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Colette Parr of Las Vegas took flights with connections and switched airlines to save almost $200 on her trip to Newark, N.J.

Investment manager Matt Rightmire and his family typically fly on Thanksgiving. This year, they are making the holiday pilgrimage by car from New Hampshire to his in-laws in Youngstown, Ohio. He figured he is saving $1,000.

“It’s family,” he said. “That’s what the holidays are about: Spending time with family. I don’t really think it’s optional. You may try to find the least expensive way to get there, but you’ve got to see your family.”


Associated Press writers Ben Dobbin in Victor, N.Y.; Ivan Moreno in Denver; Jeannie Nuss in North Little Rock, Ark.; David Porter in Newark, N.J.; Vicki Smith in Morgantown, W.Va.; Chris Weber in Burbank, Calif.; and Chris Williams in Bloomington, Minn., contributed to this report.