SNYDER: NBA will return, but issues remain

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Of course we want every child to grow and develop. But not every child chooses higher education, not even some who could graduate with honors. The age limit encourages high school seniors who’d otherwise turn pro and be drafted, to attend college instead — regardless of their desire, attitude or aptitude.

We act as if we’re doing them a favor, letting them portray student-athletes while making millions for the NCAA.

We also insult the savvy of outstanding high school students who want to turn pro for business reasons and then continue their formal education. They’re smart and well-adjusted, with terrific life skills and coping ability, yet they’re forbidden from making a prudent decision.

The group with the most at stake — college freshmen and high school seniors — don’t have a vote, so this issue won’t be a deal-breaker. Owners and players will either keep the status quo or tinker with it, and we’ll be back to basketball within in four weeks.

Selfishly speaking, that’s all that really matters

But the age limit is as wrong as two left shoes.

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