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“We give him three or four plays at a time and the guy gets us through that play. There are guys at the next level that aren’t doing that.”

Luck has become something of a YouTube sensation, from the 2010 highlights of his post-fumble tackle of USC’s Shareece Wright to a scramble against Cal in which he flattened defensive back Sean Catthouse.

And then there was this season’s one-handed 13-yard pass reception vs. UCLA.

Yet it is his humility, his uncanny ability to sincerely shrug at the whole thing, that has been even more impressive.

He stayed at Stanford mostly because he wanted to finish his degree, but partially because he truly liked being just another student, being the guy who blended on a campus where the brainiacs are a dime a dozen and star athletes aren’t quite treated like royalty.

He defers and demurs all compliments.

Just last week he characterized his college career as “decent.”

“I’ll have more time after the season to think about it, I guess,” Luck said.

He’ll put off the thinking until early January. The Cardinal are in line for a second straight BCS bowl berth, most likely the Fiesta Bowl after a loss to Oregon this month took Stanford out of the running for the national championship.

But Shaw isn’t waiting to put Luck’s college career, or his ability to succeed at the next level, into context.

“This is guy is one of a kind. At this stage of his college career, I’ve never seen anybody do this,” Shaw said. “In all my years in the NFL, evaluating all the top quarterbacks that have all come out, I’ve never heard of any of them doing what Andrew’s doing.”