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In the two 30-second ads, Mr. Obama urges viewers to call a number on the screen or visit the website, which invites people to enter their email address and ZIP code to become involved with the campaign.


GOP legislative leader eyes run for Sen. Casey’s seat

HARRISBURG — One of Pennsylvania’s most powerful state lawmakers, Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi, said Tuesday that he might join the crowded Republican field of aspiring challengers to Democrat Robert P. Casey Jr.’s re-election bid for U.S. Senate.

If he runs, Mr. Pileggi would easily become the highest-profile Republican in a field that some party leaders have criticized as lacking a candidate who can mount a serious challenge to Mr. Casey.

In a posting on his Facebook page, Mr. Pileggi, who is from Delaware County, said he has “made no decision,” but is concerned about the path the nation is taking to reduce unemployment and shrink the federal debt, as well as the new national health care law.


In college speech, Perry confuses voting age

MANCHESTER — You might say Rick Perry courted the youth, but not the whole youth, in a campaign appearance at a New Hampshire college.

Speaking at Saint Anselm College on Tuesday, he appealed to students who will be at least 21 before Election Day to vote for him.

As for those younger than 21, he merely asked them to work hard on his behalf. Doesn’t he want their votes, too?

It turns out Mr. Perry didn’t know or had forgotten that the voting age in America is 18.

The flub caused some whispers in the crowd.

In a recent presidential debate, Mr. Perry forgot a key element of his plan to reduce the size of government.


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