- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 3, 2011


Sexual harassment is subjective in its analysis (“Cain accused of sexual harassment,” Web, Oct. 30). A gesture or statement that may seem innocuous to one may appear blatant to another.

However, anyone can claim harassment for the most sincere of compliments and doing so can ruin an individual’s reputation and career. Several years ago, false accusations of rape from a disturbed woman branded a group of innocent lacrosse players from Duke University. Their names were cleared but their tabloid images cannot be erased from our minds.

When it becomes someone’s word against your own, who is to say who’s telling the truth and who is lying? A disgruntled employee can cause great damage to a supervisor in retaliation.

I’m sure each of us at one time or another has made a questionable remark to someone of the opposite sex. Political correctness will eventually turn us into a society of unfeeling, spiritless, mechanical automatons. The current sexual harassment claims against Herman Cain have yet to be resolved, but please keep an open mind - this is a presidential campaign. Partisans will use any tactic to derail a candidate. When the racist card can’t be played because it doesn’t fit, there’s always the charge of sexual harassment.


Berywn Heights



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