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He was pushed back 3 yards on several runs, and on one play a double team by the left tackle and left guard drove him 6 yards back. He craved answers.

“With a team that’s that athletic and a side-to-side zone team, a lot of it I was running sideways,” he said. “But when they changed their scheme up, I could’ve been more up the field. As opposed to reacting, I could have been more physical up the field.”

Cofield reached that conclusion after he broke down game film with Haslett and defensive line coach Jacob Burney.

The key to success, though, is making those adjustments on the sideline during the game instead of the day after. He expects the experience he’s building to provide reference points for future modifications.

“Instead of having to watch the tape on Monday and learn, I’ll just be able to go to the sideline and say, ‘Hey, this is happening,’ ” Cofield said. “They’ll say, ‘Well, you know what to do.’

“Year 2,” he said, “I’m sure will be a lot easier than Year 1.”