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McPhee said he did not try to talk Sjogren’s camp out of leaving.

“I know Claude Lemieux told him that he should stick it out,” he said. “So either Rico Winters or whatever his name is told him to go home or the player didn’t want to be there.”

The Caps will continue to hold Sjogren’s rights, meaning he won’t be able to play in the NHL with any other team unless he is placed on $125 buyout waivers, a move that would terminate the contract. That would need to be mutually agreed to by both sides. Winter said that had not been discussed.

Despite this episode, McPhee said the Caps won’t be hesitant to go the same route with signing European players moving forward.

“This stuff happens from time to time,” he said. “You scout all over the world to see someone that might have a chance. You give them opportunities. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.”