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School fraternity’s charter revoked after drug raid

CONCORD — A University of New Hampshire fraternity where 11 students were arrested during a weekend drug raid had its charter revoked Monday by its national leaders.

Nine Alpha Tau Omega brothers were arrested on drug charges early Sunday at their fraternity house in Durham. Two others were charged with disorderly conduct, and police expect to make more arrests as the investigation continues. Deputy Police Chief Rene Kelley said Monday that the men are accused of selling and possessing marijuana and prescription medication.

The fraternity already had been issued a five-year suspension by the university last month for alcohol violations, and national fraternity leaders had begun the process to revoke the chapter’s charter last week.


Famous waterfall becomes national park

PATERSON — A waterfall in one of New Jersey’s largest cities that inspired generations of newcomers to America, fueled the Industrial Revolution and was featured in a William Carlos William poem and an episode of television show “The Sopranos,” became the nation’s newest national park Monday.

The 77-foot Great Falls in downtown Paterson was given the national park designation in a ceremony attended by New Jersey officials, local schoolchildren, Interior Secretary Kenneth L. Salazar and the head of the National Park Service.

The Great Falls is second only to Niagara Falls in water volume east of the Mississippi River. More than 2 billion gallons of water a day pass over its summit to the swirling Passaic River below.


Fired mental health worker dangles for hours from bridge

TARRYTOWN — A former government worker dangled for hours from New York’s Tappan Zee Bridge with a protest sign on Monday, backing up traffic for miles before police lowered him safely to the water.

Michael Davitt, 54, of Garnerville, N.Y., was angry about losing his job with the Rockland County mental health department, Sheriff James Kralik said.

On Monday morning, he climbed down a rope ladder and hung for hours about halfway between the Hudson River and the bridge roadway before police got him down. He held a sign accusing county officials of a “cover-up” and “retaliation.”

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