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Like Mr. Lynch’s films, “Crazy Clown Time” is a surreal piece of work. His voice is an odd, feline thing, and he makes use of all its peculiarities, speak-singing with the assistance of a vocoder during “Strange and Unproductive Thinking” and howling out-of-key lyrics on the bizarre title track. The instrumental parts are just as varied, with everything from icy keyboards to bluesy slide guitars making their way into the mix.

“Crazy Clown Time” could very well be the soundtrack to a lost season of “Twin Peaks.” You can almost picture these songs playing beneath a night of dancing at Silencio or a lonely happy hour at One Eyed Jacks.

Those who haven’t familiarized themselves with Mr. Lynch’s catalog are out of luck, since music this obtuse needs some sort of accompaniment - maybe no more than a Netflix queue that includes “Blue Velvet” and “Eraserhead” - to help explain some of the director’s bizarre choices. As a result, “Crazy Clown Time” is a fans-only affair, a polarizing album that targets Mr. Lynch’s audience at the expense of everyone else. For those on the inside, though, it’s the most experimental thing he’s done in years.