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Mistah FAB, a star in the West Coast hyphy scene, a local hip hop strain, has been bringing his three-year-old daughter to the protests. He said he was sorry to see that the peaceful shutdown of the Port of Oakland ended in broken shop windows.

“I don’t agree with tearing down your own stuff, in your own city,” said FAB. “Those small business owners work super hard to maintain these things they’ve built. They’re not the one percent.”

Those in the movement’s trenches say they’re glad to see their message has attracted celebrity support, but some financial reinforcements would be nice, too.

“I’m proud that they are participating in the movement, because it’s people who all have a vested interest in the image of Oakland,” said D’Aunta Lewis, a college student who grew up in East Oakland and has been sleeping at the encampment. “But I say, don’t just tweet about it from a distance, buy some tents and show your support.”