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‘60 Minutes’ reruns Rooney interview as tribute

“60 Minutes” has paid tribute to Andy Rooney with a rerun far sooner than anyone wanted to see.

The former commentator died Friday night from complications after minor surgery. Only a month ago, the 92-year-old curmudgeon gave his final commentary after 33 years on television’s most popular newsmagazine.

On Sunday, veteran correspondent Morley Safer gave a short introduction about Rooney’s death. Then, “60 Minutes” reran Mr. Safer’s interview with Rooney that aired Oct. 2. It was filled with clips from Rooney’s essays over the years.

In his introduction, Mr. Safer said Rooney “had the special gift for speaking for every man.”

In Rooney’s final essay, he said that he had lived a life luckier than most others and wished he “could do this forever.”

Lack of funding may prompt cancellation of Ebert show

Film critic Roger Ebert is telling his readers that he may have to cancel his television show “Ebert Presents: At the Movies” unless someone steps up and helps him and his wife pay for it.

As reported by the Associated Press, the Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic wrote on his blog Sunday night that after an initial contribution of $25,000 from the Kanbar Charitable Trust, he and Chaz Ebert have been paying virtually all the bills for the show, which began airing on public television in January.

Mr. Ebert said he has been pleased with the program, which is hosted by Associated Press movie reviewer Christy Lemire and Mubi.com film critic Ignatiy Vishnevetsky.

But after months of paying for everything including screen tests, interns and lunch on taping days, “We can’t afford to support the show any longer,” wrote Mr. Ebert, who can no longer speak after cancer surgery. “That’s what it comes down to.”

Mr. Ebert wrote that he had hoped foundations and others would step forward to underwrite the show, but that nobody has. Now, he wrote, American Public Television is asking him whether the show will be back next season, and he has to have an answer by the end of this month.

“Unless we find underwriting, I’m afraid our answer will have to be ‘no,’ ” he wrote.

CMA winners recall wins, look forward to Wednesday

Martina McBride has five Country Music Association Awards, but nothing beats the first time she picked up a CMA trophy.

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