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The state and emergency managers in the villages have long prepared for the powerful storms that batter Alaska’s western coast, holding twice-yearly meetings on dealing with emergencies. In the past few years, the state has held evacuation workshops as well, Mr. Zidek said.

A spokeswoman for the Coast Guard said early Wednesday it had received no calls from vessels seeking help from the storm.

Petty Officer 1st Class Sara Francis said the agency was assisting a 143-foot fishing boat with engine problems north of the Aleutian Islands but the Rebecca Irene’s troubles were unrelated to the storm. The vessel was operating Tuesday with two engines and one failed.

The cutter Sherman took 20 of the vessel’s 34 crewmen off the boat. Petty Officer Francis said a tug was expected to reach the Rebecca Irene on Wednesday morning. Weather had diminished to 2-foot waves and 4-foot swells.

Petty Officer Francis said the storm hit after most crab fishing had concluded.

“We’re kind of in a lull with a lot of the fisheries,” she said.

Associated Press writer Rachel D’Oro contributed to this report.