- The Washington Times - Tuesday, November 8, 2011


If the Texas judge who savagely beat and cursed his defenseless daughter is permitted to continue making decisions that affect people’s lives, there will understandably be even less confidence in the justice system (“Texas judicial panel investigates beating video,” Web, Thursday).

Since the video of the incident is clear, the attacker has been forced to acknowledge his actions, which he seeks to justify as mere discipline of a wayward child. That explanation is asinine on its face and must not be accepted.

The jurist’s daughter magnanimously stated that she is not interested in causing trouble for him, but merely wishes for him to get help for his problem. I am not convinced that a hard-core abuser of a young girl will respond to anger management classes or that either change and redemption is possible.

The now-prominent video of the assault makes us recognize that one can never be certain of an individual’s character and to wonder how many more individuals in prominent positions prey upon their children and use them as punching bags.

Just deserts will be delivered if Judge William Adams is condemned and ostracized by his peers, friend and neighbors. What sensible person could rely on him for respected jurisprudence now?


Upper Saint Clair, Pa.



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