- Associated Press - Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Les Miles has been saying all the wrong things for all the right reasons.

Let’s face it: If LSU has to face Alabama again with the national title on the line instead of a half-championship in the Southeastern Conference, the Tigers coach doesn’t want to provide any bulletin-board fodder for the Crimson Tide to stew over two months from now.

So, it’s only natural for Miles to keep insisting _ at least for public consumption _ that he wouldn’t have a problem giving Team Saban another shot, even after LSU emerged from last weekend’s throwback throwdown in Tuscaloosa with a 9-6 overtime victory.

But what the Mad Hatter can’t say is Alabama should forget about a rematch.

The Tide had their shot. Now, it’s time to move on.

Give us LSU-Oklahoma State. Or LSU-Stanford. Even LSU-Boise State. Just not the same game we’ve already seen.

“There’s still a lot of other teams in the country,” said Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden. “The Stanfords and the Boises and everybody elses are great football teams as well.”

Not that we would mind watching LSU and Alabama go at it again. For all those who insist the Game of the Century wasn’t even the game of the night because neither team scored a touchdown, well, there’s nothing wrong in these days of point-a-minute offenses to see two teams knock each other silly for 60 minutes and then some.

No, it wasn’t pretty. There were penalties and interceptions and botched plays. But that’s what happens when two of the most talented defensive teams of the last decade or more are pitted against one another. And you know what they say: Defense wins championships.

“Anyone not impressed with that game, I don’t care,” Miles said Monday. “Obviously you have not watched football for a length of time, care anything about defense, effort, speed to the ball or two teams that fought valiantly. If you didn’t like that game, then tough.”

Yep, either LSU or Alabama would make a worthy champion. No argument there. But the Tide doesn’t get a do-over. Instead of prepping for a rematch, coach Nick Saban can devote his energy to finding a kicker.

The next two unbeaten teams in line _ Oklahoma State and Stanford _ aren’t ready to start their full-scale lobbying efforts just yet.

“I don’t really need to at this point,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy said. “I would prefer to just continue with what we do each week and then get prepared and take care of our business on the field. That would be my first choice.”

“I’m sure if business is handled,” added Stanford star and Heisman favorite Andrew Luck, “we’ll be in the situation that we’d like to be.”

If, instead, the BCS formula produces an LSU-Alabama rematch, it would go against everything this convoluted system is supposed to be about.

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