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“I don’t know enough. Nobody really knows. Maybe that stuff will all come out. Maybe it won’t. If he understood the magnitude, maybe he didn’t want to believe it back then. Your best friend. You coached with him for 23 years. That’s a pretty tight friendship. I don’t know if any way shape or form he’d be protecting that. He’s not that kind of person. Maybe he just didn’t realize the magnitude of what was happening at the time.” _ Former Penn State player Rich Mauti, whose son, Michael, is a linebacker on the team.


“It’s obviously an extremely sad and shocking situation up there. You just pray for all of those children. You pray for the victims. Obviously, you pray for the families and you hope that justice is done. Then hopefully, once justice is done, Penn State can move on and be the great university it has been. There are a lot of great people up there, and I’m very proud to come from Penn State.” _ Dallas Cowboys and former Penn State linebacker Sean Lee.