Former Rams first-rounder Adam Carriker has revitalized his career with Redskins

Carriker’s anger didn’t dissipate immediately, though. He left St. Louis with a tarnished football reputation. That bred resentment.

“Anybody that knows Adam knows he will work harder than anybody on the team,” Angie Carriker said. “I really think that’s what got him through it. Like, ‘I’m gonna prove you wrong. You made a mistake.’”

So Carriker set out to restore his name. You can find him most days inside the weight room at Redskins Park. He’s one of the team’s heaviest lifters, capable of bench pressing upwards of 500 pounds.

That helps him on the outside of the Redskins‘ defensive front. His responsibilities including setting the edge in the run game, keeping offensive linemen from releasing to Washington’s linebackers and rushing the passer in some nickel situations.

He still isn’t the overpowering pass-rushing end he was at Nebraska, but he has an improved outlook now.

“Sometimes I’ll take a chance to try to make a play, but for the most part I try to do my responsibility, and I think the coaches like that and respect that,” Carriker said. “They know I’m going to be in my gap. They know I’m not going to get pushed around. That left side, that’s where all the runs are at. You need a big guy like me.”

As for the Rams organization, Carriker decided that he needed to move on after the Redskins played them last September.

That Week 3 contest was a special source of motivation for him. Sunday’s game, he insists, is against any old opponent.

“Last year, I was pretty angry and upset,” Carriker said. “Now I look back on it, I actually wish them the best in every game except for Sunday. I think they did me a favor. It wasn’t working out, and they put me in a much better spot personally. Maybe I should send them a thank you after Sunday.”

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