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A key for the Redskins, then, is to pressure Vick into more mistakes.

“We knew Vick threw four picks [against Buffalo], so that’s huge right there,” Orakpo said. “So what we’re going to try to do is take advantage of the turnovers as well, try and get hands on the ball, hopefully get to him and try to create some forced fumbles.”

Otherwise, the Eagles remain an explosive offensive team. Their defense has struggled tackling, but the offense can move the ball with the league’s best.

They’re ranked first in rushing and third in yards per play (6.67). If they could just sustain drives without turning the ball over, perhaps the Dream Team moniker wouldn’t be such a fantasy.

And it’s why the Redskins are wary of it becoming reality Sunday.

“You go out there and put an injured [animal] in a fight, they’re going to fight for their life,” cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. “At some point we know that tide is going to turn. We just hope that doesn’t turn against us.”