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Orakpo thinks the defense needs to stay on the same page when rushing Vick; missed assignments or miscommunication opens running lanes for easy gains. Try and keep him in the pocket. If you want to force him inside, make sure there’s a man to cover the lane. Don’t be rattled if it collapses and Vick wriggles out of trouble.

Vick is far from invincible; he’s taken several hard shots this season and fumbled seven times.

Another complication, however, comes from the Eagles‘ struggles. Defensive tackle Lorenzo Alexander expects Vick’s antics to be accompanied by the fakes, trick plays and aggressive calls on fourth down of a desperate team.

Rookie defensive tackle Chris Neild hasn’t faced a quarterback quite like Vick before. But he made the defense’s task sound simple.

“It’s just a matter of containing him,” Neild said.

The reality is more complicated.

“You hate when a quarterback knows how to scramble and make huge gains down the field when the play breaks down,” Orakpo said. “This is important to get that taste out of our mouth.”